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7302.5 15th Ave NW

(206) 588-2040

Wed-Sat: 11-9, Sun: 11-8


6226 Seaview Ave NW

(206) 420-7545

Wed-Sun: 11-8

Please call or check Instagram for any changes to hours

Caribbean Sandwiches

 All sandwiches are on a toasted Giuseppe baguette made by Macrina Bakery slathered with aioli (garlic mayo), fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños, crisp romaine & caramelized onions. Optional bread choice: flour tortilla.


Caribbean Roast

Pork shoulder coated in marinade* and slow-roasted until it falls into succulent morsels.



The Press

Morsels of roasted pork nestled atop banana peppers, draped with slices of smoked ham, and Swiss cheese, melted together in a hot press.

No lettuce or jalapeños



Pork Loin

Pork loin basted in marinade* and cooked

to perfection



Palomilla Steak

Thin slices of marinated* Grade A top-sirloin beef seared on a flat-top.



Chicken Breast

Plump chicken breast dredged in our marinade* and fire-grilled to perfection.



Smokin' Thighs

Grilled boneless chicken thighs basted with our marinade.*



Ham & Cheese

Razor-thin slices of cured ham piled over banana peppers and Swiss cheese, melted together in a

hot press.

No lettuce or jalapeños


Caribbean Sautes


Sautéed Prawns

Six Black Tiger prawns sautéed in EVOO with our garlic tapenade.

$14.00       1-5*


Fish of the Day

Delectable slices of fish pan-seared in EVOO and our

garlic tapenade.

$14.00       1-5*


Seared Scallops

Pan-seared in EVOO, our garlic tapenade, and tossed with fresh sprigs of cilantro.

$16.75       1-5*


Tofu Delight

Where's the meat? Who cares. Extra-firm organic tofu cut into bitesized pieces and sautéed in EVOO with our garlic tapenade.

$13.00       1-5*


Onion Obsession

Caramelized onions sautéed in our garlic tapenade and tossed with fresh sprigs of cilantro and

jalapeño peppers.

$10.50       1-5*


We regret to inform our loyal customers that the marinate will no longer be gluten free. Due to supply chain issues we are unable to reliably provide a quality product. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we deal the issues.

The Goods

Popular Plates and Sides


Fire-Roasted Corn

Fresh corn on the cob grilled over an open-flame, coated with aioli, parmesan, cilantro, salt, paprika, and fresh lime juice.



West Caribbean Bowl

A generous portion of jasmine rice and black beans, smothered in warm salsa, shredded cheddar, sour cream, jalapeños, and one chicken thigh, served with love, peace, and tortilla chips



Rice and Bean Trio

Two scoops of jasmine rice, black beans, and your choice of grilled chicken thigh, roast pork, Palomilla steak, or pork loin.


Extra thigh — $4.00

Sub chicken breast, palomilla steak 

or pork loin  — $4.00


Rice & Bean Salad

Our Un Bien greens served with jasmine rice and a healthy portion of black beans.



Bien Salad

Mixed greens, razor-thin sliced purple cabbage, julienne pickled beets, and sprigs of cilantro drizzled with our vinaigrette and EVOO.


Add meat option — $6.25

Add sautéed prawns, scallops or fish — $7.00


Caribbean Roll

Flour tortilla stuffed with jasmine rice, black beans, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, sour cream, cilantro, jalapeños, pickled cabbage, and roast pork or a chicken thigh.



Carne & Rice

Choose one of the following: Roasted pork, fire-grilled chicken breast, grilled smokin’ thighs, Palomilla steak, or pork steak. Served on a bed of lettuce and pickled cabbage.


Add 6oz beans — $4.25

Caramelized onions — $2.00


Seafood in Red Sauce

 Choose your desired seafood: fish of the day, black tiger prawns, sea scallops or tofu sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro 

$9.75       1-5*


Black Beans & Rice

A bowl full of fluffy jasmine rice smothered in our critically acclaimed vegetarian black beans.



Kids Quesadilla

Quesadilla with a dollop of Sour Cream



 Served all day with the following: bien salad drizzled with our house vinaigrette & extra virgin olive oil. Accompanied with jasmine rice & our critically acclained vegetarian black beans



Caribbean Roast Dinner

Hefty morsels of succulent roasted pork shoulder dripping in our marinade.



Smokin' Thighs Dinner

Tenderized chicken thighs marinated and grilled

to perfection



Grilled Chicken Breast

7 oz boneless, skinless, all-white goodness, grilled over an open flame with a caramelized coating of

our marinade.



Caribbean Scallops

Savory sea scallops pan-seared in EVOO, garlic tapenade, cilantro, and red sauce.

$17.50       1-5*


Fish of the Day in Red Sauce

Delicate slices of fish sautéed in EVOO, our garlic tapenade, cilantro, and red sauce

$17.50       1-5*


Un Bien Prawns

Six peeled and deveined Black Tiger prawns sautéed in EVOO, our garlic tapenade, cilantro, and red sauce.

$17.50       1-5*


Tofu Con Gusto

Stout slices of extra firm organic tofu, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade & ladled w/ our reveled red sauce. Available with cilantro.




Black Beans

6 oz $4.25

12 oz $6.00

Jasmine Rice

6 oz $1.50

12 oz $2.50





Water $2.00

Can Soda $2.00

Specialty Sodas $3.50

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